Dear friends and customers,


We are glad to serve you and appreciate your business;however, we must comply with all of the current postal regulations in order to guarantee safe and timely delivery to you.Please reference the following sections for guidance on how to place an order, and what types of items can or canít be mailed.


International customers from the following list may order directly from the website.More countries will be added in the future.

We can't see what you have in your shopping cart!You must send a detailed list of items and quantities requested.



i.We canít ship lithium cells to Germany, Italy, or Bulgaria.

1.Only a maximum of (4) cells may be shipped in any one package.

2.We currently cannot ship any items to Russia or Ukraine.


How to order:

1.Choose which items you would like to order, with a maximum of (4) lithium cells per package.

2.Use the contact form on the website to send your requested items for a quote and destination country.

3.Within two business days, you will be contacted with a shipping quote.

4.If the quote is acceptable, you can reply in the affirmative and you will then be sent a PayPal invoice.

5.Once the invoice is paid, your items will ship within (3) business days (unless there are custom build items in the order).